Sponsored Student Office FAQ

Sponsored Student Office FAQ

Sponsored Student Office
P.O. Box 5316
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Yes, please include your 9-digit MSU ID number and your name. This will ensure the scholarship gets credited to the correct student account.

The Sponsored Student Office is in Garner Hall room 154A. Garner Hall is located at 88 Garner Circle, Barr Avenue.

Our office is open Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Log into your myState account. In the center of your welcome page is the ‘Financials’ portlet. Click on “Make a Payment”. This links you to the QuikPAY system where you can see both pending and actual account information. Students are encouraged to check account balances frequently.

Scholarships handled by the Sponsored Student Office will appear as a “Sponsor Payment”. It will not include the name of the scholarship.

University scholarships are handled by the Office of Admissions and Scholarships. Scholarships awarded by departments on campus are handled by the awarding department. Questions regarding these scholarships will need to be directed to appropriate office.

529 College Savings plan and Trust account payments are considered personal payments. Payments should be made payable to Mississippi State University and include your student’s 9-digit MSU ID number on the payment.

Mail payments directly to the university at:

Account Services
P.O. Box 5328
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Email your award letter or authorization letter to sponsoredstudent@msstate.edu. Please include your name and 9-digit MSU ID number in your email. If the letter contains all the needed information, we will put a conditional payment on your account.

At a point in time during the semester, the pending/anticipated payment will be deleted from the system if payment has not been received. At this time, the student is responsible for the account balance and should reach out to their sponsor to determine why payment wasn’t sent.

It is not uncommon for a payment to differ from the pending/anticipated payment that is initially placed on the student account. This can be due to many factors. A few examples: the award letter stated the amount of the scholarship but didn’t specify that it should be split between semesters, classes were added after a sponsor was invoiced, or the prepaid plan didn’t have enough funds to meet the charges. If you feel that there is an issue with the payment amount, you will need to speak with your sponsor regarding the amount they provided as payment to the university.

During the billing process, the system looks to see if there is an outstanding balance on the account. It doesn’t take into consideration the pending/anticipated payment. If a balance is noted and you aren’t enrolled in a payment plan, the account will be assessed a service/late fee and placed on hold.

Until the payment is received from the sponsor, the hold will not be removed from the account. Without receipt of the payment we don’t know if they will pay the full amount or at all.