MPACT (Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Plan) covers the costs of tuition and mandatory fees (capital improvement/student activity).

It does not cover the cost of books, course fees, room and board, or other fees that are not considered mandatory. Costs not covered by MPACT are the student’s responsibility.

At the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester, an anticipated/pending payment is placed on the student account for the MPACT payment. After the last add/drop date of the semester (see the Academic Calendar), we begin the invoicing process to the state. Depending on the charges and credits on the student account, this can create what appears to be a credit/refund amount. This is not a true credit since the payment has not been received. Once funds are received from the state, a refund will then be processed if the payment created an account balance credit.

Contact the MPACT office and have your account frozen or provide them any special detail/instructions regarding how your account needs to be handled for payment.

After MPACT is billed to the State Treasurer’s Office, it will take approximately four to six weeks to receive payment from MPACT. The payment amount received from MPACT will be then be processed to the student account.

Login to your myState account, choose Banner and click on View and Pay Your Account to access your account billing statement, you should see in the Anticipated/Pending Payment Section a line item that states the dollar amount of the anticipated MPACT payment.

We do not automatically invoice MPACT for summer charges as we do for Fall and Spring. If the student elects to use their plan for summer charges, the Sponsored Student Office must be notified in writing to invoice the plan. An email can be sent to to notify us of your intention to utilize your MPACT for summer. The email should include your name, your 9-digit MSU ID number, the term/terms attending for summer, and a statement that you would like for us to invoice MPACT plan for your summer charges.

No. Once the State Treasurer’s Office has been invoiced, even if payment has not been received, we do not return the funds.

Non-resident tuition will be waived for each semester that your hours are billed to MPACT. If you choose to not to use your plan during the summer, non-resident fees will not be waived.

Please note: This waiver only applies to active MPACT plans. This waiver will not apply to inactive or depleted plans.

Yes, this information can be accessed through the State Treasury’s site by logging into