Payroll FAQ

Payroll FAQ

Please visit for information about Direct Deposit and Pay Card.  You may enroll for Direct Deposit by clicking on Online Enrollment for Direct Deposit.  You may also sign up for Direct Deposit or Pay Card by clicking on the appropriate Enrollment Form on this web site.

You have two options:

  1. You may request a replacement W-2 through the Payroll Office at 325-2753, which is located at 329 McArthur Hall, by completing an authorization form that we will fax or e-mail to you. You may choose to receive either a copy of your W-2 that will be accepted by the IRS, or we can print another original W-2. We will notify you by phone or e-mail when your replacement W-2 is ready for pick up. Proof of identification must be presented in order to pick up your W-2.
  2. You can also print a copy of your W-2 yourself by logging onto the myState Portal at  You will login using your netid and password.  You then choose Banner, and under Tax Forms, choose W-2 Year End Earnings Statement. This copy of your W-2 will NOT be accepted by the IRS; however it can be used for electronic filing.

You may change your withholding with an updated W-4, located at for federal taxes and Mississippi State Withholding Exemption Certificate, located here for state taxes.

You must complete your name, social security number, date, and signature in order for the new form to be valid. You may bring your form(s) to the Payroll Office (329 McArthur Hall) or send the completed form to mail stop 9602.  We also have forms in our office if you can not print them yourself.

You need to complete Form 8233 – Exemption From Withholding on Compensation for Independent (and certain Dependent) Personal Services of a Non-resident Alien Individual and Payroll Affidavit at the Payroll Office located at 329 McArthur. You will need to your bring visa/passport information for documentation. Please call ahead for an appointment with Donna Switzer, 325-2856.

If you have lost your 1042S Tax Treaty Exemption tax document, please call 325-2573 for a replacement. You can receive a copy of the original which has already been submitted to the IRS. Proof of identification must be presented in order to pick up your copy.

You must go to Statewide Federal Credit Union to make a payroll deduction change/or termination. They will send Payroll the updated form for processing.

You will need to contact Account Services at 325-2073.

If you are in the time distribution block of PHAHOUR and become “stuck”, please click on “Edit” and click on “Correct Labor Distribution Dollars” then SAVE.  Then, you should be able to rollback and go to the MSU ID block.  It may be necessary to call or e-mail the Helpdesk (ITS services) if this does not correct the problem.

You enter PWRVOCC in the Direct Access block in Banner. Enter your printer name, page down, enter the four digit payroll year, payroll number, and your org number, page down, and save.  Then you payroll voucher will print.

You need to enter PWREBFY in the Direct Access block of Banner. Enter you Printer name, page down. Enter the following parameters: four digit Fiscal Year, your Org Number, Beginning and Ending Months (January =01, etc), Fund (optional), Sequence Number should be “2”, Position Number (Optional), and MSU ID (Optional). Page Down, and Save. If you have additional questions, please call the Payroll Office at 325-2753.