Delinquent Accounts

Delinquent Accounts

Unpaid Balances from Prior Semesters

  • Any outstanding and past due amounts owed to the University must be paid in full before a student may register for additional courses or make schedule changes.
  • All payments received on student accounts will be applied to charges in the same order in which the charges were incurred.
  • A student who has a hold on his/her record because of an overdue account may not receive a diploma until the account has been paid to current status.
  • Per federal financial aid regulations, prior aid year outstanding charges cannot be paid with current aid year financial aid.

Overdue Account Restrictions

  • The administrative authorities of the University will withhold diplomas, degree certification, letters of good standing, and other certification of enrollment and deny readmission of any student who has an over-due financial obligation to the University.
  • If a financial hold is released based upon a financial agreement and the terms and conditions of that agreement are not met, we reserve the right to void the current term class schedule without notice and without promise of reinstatement of the same class schedule.

Attorney and Collection Fees

  • Student accounts remaining unpaid by the end of the term may be turned over to an external agency for collection.
  • The prevailing collection rate will be added to the amount owed by the student.
  • If an attorney’s services are needed, the student shall be responsible for payment of the attorney’s fees plus all court and other collection fees incurred.

Title IV Communication Information

  • Federal Financial Aid Regulations will not allow over $200.00 of your current year aid to pay toward any unpaid balance from prior semesters. Neither will the Federal Financial Aid Regulations allow a current term credit to apply toward a future term charge. However, you can elect to pay this unpaid balance either by cash, check, or credit card. Non-payment will deter you from further registration.

Procedures for Bankruptcy

  • In order to protect the University and the student and remain compliant with Federal Bankruptcy laws, MSU has established the following procedure for handling students who have filed for bankruptcy and who have an outstanding balance due to MSU:
    • Enrollment/Registration will be allowed only after advance payment has been received for all tuition and fees. Other charges associated with enrollment at MSU (e.g. Student Health Center, Sanderson Center, meal plans, lab printing fees, etc.) must also be paid in advance and not placed on the student's account.
  • Adherence to this procedure will ensure that MSU does not violate bankruptcy laws, nor adversely affect the student by allowing them to incur additional debt while protected under Federal Bankruptcy Laws.