Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What if I owe a Student Worker or Intermittent Employee for hours worked prior to their termination date, but they are not in my payroll? 
You must fill out a Request for Delayed Compensation Form, with required signatures, and fax to the Budget Office at 325-0383 or email to Esther Liu at

The form can be found at

2.   Is there a way to avoid having to complete a Request for Delayed Compensation Form?
Yes, hold termination EAFs on Student Workers and Intermittent Employees until all hours have been paid to the employee. 

3.   How can I get a NEW position number?
You need to list NEW in the Position # & Suffix column on the Employment Action Form.  Once the form is received, the Budget Office will contact you with the new number.

4.   What is the deadline for Employment Action Forms to Human Resources Management?
Check the calendar at

5.   How do I calculate the percentages on a Job Labor Redistribution Form?
Take the annual amount that you want to be paid by a specific fund and divide that by the total annual salary.  The percentage should ALWAYS be carried out two decimal places. For example, 77.58% instead of 78.00%. The percentages should always total 100%.

The Job Labor Redistribution Form can be found at

6.   How do I know what my available balance is for a specific position number?
For fund 100000, you can check the balance by going to FGIBDST.  Enter your org., fund, and in the location field enter P0(zero) and 4 digit position number.  For example, P01234.

For funds 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, and 19 you can run NWRDLSR – Lapsed Salary Report. 
This report is updated monthly and can be run the day after the month closes. 

7.   What if an employee terminates or goes on leave without pay, and the Employment Action Form misses the EAF deadline?
Fax a copy of the Employment Action Form to the Budget Office at 325-0383.

8.   Is there a way to see all of my position numbers by org?
Yes, you can see the position numbers by going to NBIPORG.

9.   Is there a way to see who is in a specific position number?
Yes, you can view this information by going to NBIPINC.  You need to enter a six digit position number which starts with 00 (zero) and the four digit position number.  For example:  001234.  Change the query date to the last day of the fiscal year. 

10. Can a Job Labor Redistribution Form cross fiscal years?
No, you need to complete a separate form for each fiscal year.

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