Tips for Managing Your Account

Managing your MSU account is very important. The following tips may be beneficial for sound financial management of your account:

Ensure that your account is current prior to each term. A current account means that you have no past due balances, and that there is no financial hold on your account. Holds are automatically placed on your account once unpaid charges have become past due. (See next bullet concerning billings and due dates.) Continuing enrollment is best insured by avoiding a hold status by paying your account balance in a timely manner.

The best way to manage your account is to review your account on the 15th of each month and make payment(s) to your account by the payment due date, the 1st of each month. You should receive an e-mail reminder that your account has been billed on or about the 15th of each month. Be on the look-out for this e-mail bill.

Good stewardship of your funds: You may want to consider saving part of your refund to pay for future charges. Because of the likelihood of additional charges after your initial enrollment, it is important to monitor your account on a regular basis – at least monthly.

In the future, you will be blocked from further enrollment and/or schedule changes if your account is in a financial hold status for a past due balance. MSU Policy, as published in the University Bulletin, states that a student’s account must be current in order to continue enrollment. Please ensure that your account is in good standing prior to enrollment in the next term.

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