Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My Journal voucher will not let me complete it?
    First, check to see that there is a status indicator on each record. The status indicator is located in the top left hand corner of each record. The status should be "P". Occasionally you might see an "N", which means that the Fund-Org is NSF.

  2. If the status indicator is missing what should I do?
    Go to the record that has the missing indicator. Over-type something in the record , such as the COA code "1". Arrow down so that the system will calculate the transaction and populate the status indicator.

  3. I cannot find my document.
    First check to see that your document number is correct. To do this, type in the direct access block, FGIJVCD. Scroll down to your document prefix. Occasionally the letter "O" has been typed instead of the number '0', or instead of an eight digit document number, only seven digits were entered.

  4. My budgetary status report will not print.
    Check to see if there was activity for the posting period you are printing. A Budgetary status report will not print if there is no activity for that period.

  5. What form should I use?
    Budget Transfer Form - Use this form when you are actually moving budget within your department or from your department to another. If you need assistance with this form, call the Budget Office.
    Cost Transfer Form - Use this form any time you are affecting restricted funds. (3XXXXX). If you need assistance with this form call Sponsored Program Accounting.
    Interdepartmental or Intradepartmental Journal voucher form - This form has a variety of uses. It can be used for corrections. It can be used to transfer money between funds or within funds. It can be used to pay for services rendered by another department. If you need assistance with this form, call the Financial Records Office.

  6. When is the last day to enter documents to be posted in the previous month?
    You have until 8:00 a.m. on the fourth working day to enter transactions for the previous month. The exception to this rule is the month of June, which is extended due to the closing of the fiscal year.

  7. How do I know what my available balance is?
    Use the form FGIBAVL for E&G funds. Either FGITBAL or FZIBDST will show you the fund balance for non E&G funds.

  8. Can I enter journal vouchers?
    Yes, you can. The procedure to follow is:
    Fill out the ITS access form found at
    This form requires a department head signature. You also need to fill out an Approval queue form at
    This form requires a department head and Vice President signature. Once these forms are filled out and signed, send them to Reporting, Planning and Analysis at mail stop 9602. A document code prefix and journal type will be assigned. The forms are then sent to ITS for rule group setup and to User Training and Support for set up of the approval queue. RPA staff will notify you when all set up is complete. A tutorial with instructions on entering journal vouchers is available at:

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