1098-T Tax Form Electronic Statement Information

Mississippi State University is pleased to offer the opportunity to receive 1098-T tuition statements electronically.

How to Grant Electronic Consent

Students may grant consent to receive the IRS form 1098-T electronically during the registration process.

To receive an electronic 1098-T form, you must click the check box on the Student Registration Checklist in the Banner portal. For students who consent to receive the electronic form, an email notification will be sent out when the forms are ready to view online in the ECSI portal.

Students that do not consent to receive the 1098-T form electronically, will receive a paper statement in the mail by January 31st.

Benefits of Receiving Form 1098-T Electronically

  • Provides access to the 1098-T form earlier than the traditional mailing process
  • Eliminates the chance of the 1098-T becoming lost, misdirected or delayed
  • Access the 1098-T form from anywhere with internet access

Withdrawal of Consent

Students may withdraw consent to receive the IRS form 1098-T electronically at any time prior to December 31st by emailing the Accounts Services office at studentaccounts@msstate.edu. A confirmation of receipt email will be sent to the student with the date the withdrawal of consent takes effect.

Please note: The electronic consent will remain in effect until you email your withdrawal of consent request to studentaccounts@msstate.edu.

For questions, please reach out to Account Services at 662-325-2071 or studentaccounts@msstate.edu.

Contact Information

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