Student Refunds

Refund Restrictions

Any credit balance that results from course changes will not be refunded until after the add/drop deadline. After the regular registration period at the beginning of each term, you may request your refund online by direct deposit via Bull-e-Buck$ or by check at one of the Account Services windows in the Garner Student Services Complex.

Withdrawals: Tuition and most fees may be refunded according to the schedule on the Mississippi State University Academic Calendar to students who formally withdraw from Mississippi State University.

Drops (Fall & Spring Term): Students who reduce their normal course load during a semester to a level which results in a reduction in tuition and fees may receive a 100 percent refund for the courses dropped through the fifth class day. After the fifth class day, no refunds are made for individual courses dropped.

Drops (Summer Term): Drops for all summer terms will be refunded at 100 percent during the first class day. After the first class day, no refunds are made for individual courses dropped. If a student withdraws from the University after occupying a residence hall room, partial rent may be refunded. You must check with the Housing and Residence Life Office (phone: 662-325-3555).

NOTICE!!! Any balance remaining on your account after you withdraw still remains your responsibility even though you did not continue to attend class. Should these charges become delinquent (more than 90 days old from billing date), your account will be subject to collection efforts. Collection of delinquent accounts could possibly have a negative effect on your personal credit standing and result in additional collection fees.

Refunds of credit balances resulting from financial aid, registration withdrawals/drops or other reimbursements may be requested as follows:

  • Direct deposit: Utilizing the Bull-e-buck$ Direct Deposit Service via the myState portal
  • U.S. Postal Mail: contact Account Services by phone at 662-325-2071 to request refund or make the request by email to

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