• Bull-e-buck$ is your fully automated, MSU account refund management service. Bull-e-buck$ lets you manage your account refund electronically. See below for additional information.

Accessing Your Student Refund

 Refunds of credit balances resulting from financial aid, registration withdrawals/drops or other reimbursements may be requested as follows:

  • Direct deposit: Utilizing the Bull-e-buck$ electronic account management program via the myState portal.
  • U.S. Postal Mail: contact Account Services by phone at 662-325-2071 to request refund or make the request by email to refunds@msstate.edu.

Credit balances resulting from overpayments by check or e-check will be available 7 calendar days after posting to the student's account. Credit balances resulting from overpayment by credit card will be refunded to the credit card account on which the original payment was made.


Bull-e-buck$ lets you manage your refund from the comfort of your computer. Once you set up your bank information through the secure myState portal and your student account is in a credit balance condition, have your full credit balance electronically deposited to your bank account.

There are 2 steps to setting up your bank information for Bull-e-Buck$:

Step 1 - One Time Setup

  1. Log on to your student account through the myState portal.
  2. Click on the Banner tab.
  3. Under Personal Information, select MSU Direct Deposit Bank Information.
  4. Select Create to the right of Student/Travel
  5. Enter your Routing and Account information

*7. These steps will have to be repeated should you change your bank account in the future.

Step 2 – Each Time Your Student Account Is In A Credit Condition

  1. Go back to the Banner tab in the myState portal
  2. Under Personal Information, select Student Refund Direct Deposit.
  3. Your refund amount will display here. Enter the amount you want to send to your bank. DO NOT USE A DOLLAR SIGN ($) OR COMMA (,).  JUST THE DECIMAL.
  4. Check the disclaimer after reading then click SUBMIT – ONLY ONCE.

The message displayed will inform you the transaction will take 1 – 2 business days.

Contact Information

PO Box 5328
158 Garner Hall
88 Garner Circle, Barr Avenue
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Mailstop: 9701
Phone: 662-325-2071
Fax: 662-325-8236
Email: studentaccounts@msstate.edu